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Please read the text below before you sign up witht he registration form below. Please let us know, at what date you are planning to participate at the konferenz von unten. This helps us to plan the Workshops and the joint dinner on Saturday.

Please sign up before 20.10.2017!

As we want to enable everyone to participate, there will be no participation fees. However, you will have the opportunity to donate whatever seems appropriate to you. This will help covering the conference expenses for us and the workshop leaders.

Instead of donating money, you can also donate food, e.g. cake, fruits, or other snacks for both conference days. If you are planning to bring food, please let us know so we can better plan.

If you need an accommodation in Marburg, choose the corresponding option in the form. We’ll try to organize private accommodations. If you prefer, we can also help you finding a hostel, etc…

The workshops will take place in Barfüßerstraße 1, while the screening of the movie Gangsterläufer is in the cinema Capitol in Biegenstraße 8. Don’t get lost, here is a map with directions!

If you have any further questions concerning the registration, please don’t hestitate to write us: hallo(at)

We are looking forward to seeing you in Marburg!

Registration closed!

You can still pass by spontaneously. But it might happen that the workshops are already full. In this case, please show consideration for both workshop leaders and participants: Some workshops don’t make sense when they are overcrowded…