The Project

We have all been confronted with a completely new situation in recent months. We have experienced social distancing – for some of us it was mainly physical, for others also social. Our everyday life was marked by insecurity, existential worries and loneliness. At the same time, new doors have opened for some of us in this exceptional situation.

As different as the experiences may have been – one thing is clear: We have missed and still miss many small chance encounters in everyday life, the discussions and conversations in seminar rooms, with colleagues, other parents in the day care centre, in seminar rooms, in the sports club, choir, at parties, demos or wherever else we meet other people. This has further strengthened the already existing tendency to exchange ideas, especially with people with similar opinions, to move in a bubble.

Now the situation has eased a bit, but we ask ourselves: Can we just go on like before? Would that be desirable? We would like to take another step back and learn from each other: How have we been living these past months? Which problems have become visible, what have we learned and how do we look into the future?

We need space to deal with the new situation, possibilities to form our own opinion in exchange with others and maybe sometimes just someone to talk to.

So let us create those situations in which we can talk about our life reality, about our fears and hopes, where we can tell, listen, understand. 

Therefore we invite you to join:

Marburg. Macht. Dialog. – facilitating dialogue encounters

The idea:

For one month Marburg will come together in conversation! We connect you with a conversation partner for one or more walks, telephone conversations or correspondence. Moreover, we will accompany you throughout the month with suggestions on the topic of dialogue Moreover, we will accompany you during the project: We will be available for questions and provide you with small suggestions on the topic of dialogue throughout the month.

Start: Saturday, September 5, 2020
End: Saturday, 3 October 2020

On 5.9. you can also get to know us at a central location in Marburg and get into conversation with us. At the end of the month we look forward – if you like – to hearing about your experiences.

Registration: until 30 August 2020

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A selection of the questions that we are concerned with: 

How have we experienced the last months? 

What was difficult for us, which problems have become obvious? 

What was maybe even beautiful, what have we learned? And how do we look into the future? 

How do we experience our everyday life at the moment? 

What worries us, but perhaps also gives us hope? 

How can we even assess the current state of affairs, with the flood of information and the dynamic of the situation? 

How much criticism of the current political measures is important and right, and how can we become part of the discussions? 

In which direction should things go in the future?