about us

With the konferenz von unten (kvu) – conference from below – we are trying to organize an inter-disciplinary and open conference for students and other “experts of the everyday life”. The kvu was initiated in 2015 by a group of M.A. students in Peace and Conflict Studies in Marburg.

The goal of the kvu is to approach complex and globally relevant issues like violence, war, conflict, and peace from a critical perspective. We want to create a space for approaches that are often forgotten or under-represented in public discourse, e.g. feminist, post-colonial, and capitalism-criticising perspectives.

We are convinced that students from different disciplines, experienced practitioners, but also other committed, involved, or simply interested people can gather a great spectrum of thoughts on peace, conflict, and violence. Consequently, with the konferenz von unten we want to create an open platform of exchange. We want to open up an interactive space, where we can approach a multitude of subjects in practical workshops or open discussions, to make a horizontal and anti-hierarchic exchange possible.

Of cource, one of the central questions in this approach has to be “what is critical science?”; and how can it sustain its “subversiveness” in institutionalized contexts – and what are the obstacles?

In 2015, the first konferenz von unten was held under the title “Konflikt. Macht. Kreativität. Kritische Perspektiven in der Friedens- und Konfliktforschung” (Conflict. Power. Creativity. Critical Perspectives in Peace and Conflict Studies). In 2017, the kvu is taking place for the second time and wants to approach the complexity of identity with the title “Who are I? Who am we?”.

The general idea is to have a kvu every two years, each time with a different subject. Maybe YOU have an idea that we could discuss the next time? Please mail us konferenz-von-unten(at)riseup.net, join us, we are always looking for new input and team members!