About us

We are a group of seven students from Marburg who came together at the beginning of 2019 to organize the third conference from below. Since then we have been thinking about topics such as dialogue and social cohesion.

Our goal was a workshop weekend in April 2020, where we wanted to have a thorough exchange with speakers, participants and the citizens of Marburg. We were not only interested in talking ABOUT dialogue, but also in EXPERIENCING encounters and getting into conversation with each other. Unfortunately, due to Corona we had to say goodbye to this project shortly before its implementation.

For one and a half years now we have been meeting at least once every two weeks, in busy phases much more frequently. We attach great importance to working together respectfully and to including as many different positions as possible. Therefore, our meetings can sometimes consist of quite detailed brainstorming sessions and discussions.

The conference could not take place. But our team stayed together.
And here you can find our new project.